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Connected Home Solutions is a company that takes care of all of your home service needs. We provide our customers with hassle-free and affordable home services that cover parts and labor to includes electrical, cooling, heating, internet, and water systems.

Our aim is to help our customers in saving their hard-earned money by optimizing and getting the latest and exciting promotion exclusively for them. For this, we have partnered with many leading companies and get the best-of-the-best deals only for our customers.

We provide a full and detailed solution to almost all of your home service needs. We offer free assessments so that you do not have to spend extra dollars just on consultation. This gives you the liberty to know what services you want, and you can choose the best deals for you without worrying about the consultation cost.


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We believe in providing our best. We use quality, long-lasting materials for all of our projects, and we always give our all. Connected Home Solutions team is tasked with achieving 100% Customer Satisfaction with every job we take on. We’re so confident in our team and in our work that we offer some of the best warranties available in the industry today!


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We have economical solutions for all sorts of home services… Whether you have them or are shopping around.


We have economical solutions for all sorts of home services… Whether you have them or are shopping around.

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